Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The essentials and costs

The basics - baseboards and transport

The baseboards are custom built by SMS, laser-cut, MDF construction, pin and glue.

They perfectly fit into the Really Useful 71Ltr Christmas Tree storage box

Recommended reading:- BRM January 2018 - Phil Parker builds Didsbury Green

Estimated Costs:-
Really Useful 71ltr box £26.99
SMS Custom built boards made for the 71ltr box £35
Four Peco 75 turnouts + track £60
Buildings + details  £105
Lightingis Chinese-LED strip + controller £11
Control+power Roco MultiMaus System secondhand £55
Stock - your choice, one loco + five wagons

Monday, 14 January 2019

Layout must haves

Even though Dibles Wharf is tiny, there are a few 'must haves' in order to capture the feel of St.Mary's.

Road crossing - the iconic image Peckett 2128 coming off Bull's Run on Britannia Road

Walls as view blockers

A hint of dockside - St. Mary's and Dibles 1948

Street running


The Backstory

 A bit of historical background

The company of Joseph Bull and sons was associated with much of the early railway construction in Southampton and in the late 1860s they built the Chapel Tramway to connect their works at Belvidere Wharf to the main L&SWR at Northam.

James Dible and Sons were shipbuilders occupying the adjacent Belvidere  Shipyard, which became known as Dibles Wharf, this connected with the Chapel Tramway at sidings on Belvidere Road. In the late 1950s the Dibles Wharf owned both a Peckett and an exBR B4.

Bull's Run on Britannia Road in the 1950-60s

Bull's Run on Britannia Road in 2019 - Southampton FC stadium behind.

For some time the concept of a micro-layout and the old Dibles Wharf in St.Mary's, Southampton have been buzzin' around but neither seemed possible until the release of both the Dapol B4 and Hornby Peckett

Further inspiration was drawn from Brew Street by Chris Nevard and a simple track plan, developed which adds a loop (although the cassette will not be used)

The layout will travel in a tough Really Useful storage box and a set of custom baseboards were ordered from SMS

By only using easily available items, progress should be rapid and anyone can build the layout.